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Project Manager




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As a Project Manager I have collaborated on projects involving xxx and xxxx. I develop and define projects and timelines for my team. I am solution and team driven focussed on the contextual, policy, and strategic direction of my organisation. I am a good communicator and project leader and foster a collaborative environment working co-operatively with others.  I am reliable, detail orientated, a fast learner and hard working with excellent interpersonal skills. Effectively leading and working on my own initiative in a demanding work environment. I am dedicated to continuous improvement both personally and professionally. I am fluent in xxx with conversational xxx



Qualification Name School/College Year

Xxx xxxx xxxx


Company Name Job Title Year   

Xxx Project Manager e.g 2019 to 2021

Xxx xxx xxx


Project Management Expertise

  • Work on large projects in the area of xxxxx
  • Write reports and deliver work packages on time and within budget
  • Budget preparation (personnel, equipment, travel, consumables) 
  • Participating in troubleshooting meetings regarding the projects within the group and with collaborators, internal customers, and business development.
  • Drafting and management of budget for xxx projects (> €xxx)
  • Project design and development, and liaising with stakeholders 
  • Logistics, ordering, infrastructure, equipment and personnel - identify potential risks of   projects
  • Facilitate change requests to ensure that all parties are informed of the impacts on schedule and budget.
  • Coordinate the development of user manuals, training materials, and other documents as needed to enable successful implementation and turnover of the process or system to the clients.
  • Conduct post-project evaluation and identify successful and unsuccessful project elements.

Leadership and Talent Development 

  • Always promote sharing of expertise and am supportive of learning opportunities across the organisation. 
  • Deep understanding of and transparent about my staff’s potential to take over new responsibilities.
  • Assess group performance against clear goals and identify areas for improvement.
  • Encouraging others to take the lead and learn new techniques and skills.
  • Delegate authority to match responsibility and hold staff accountable for agreed upon commitments.
  • Work to foster an environment that encourages professional and personal growth and the transfer of knowledge to future talent.
  • Provide guidance in project design, idea development, project feasibility, as well as editing and proof-reading of reports.

Data Analysis and Technical Skills 

  • Data Management & Analysis: SPSS ??????R
  • Deep understanding of how data are acquired and managed, including source data, data entry, queries, quality control, and correction.
  • IT Skills: Microsoft Office, Endnote, SPSS, Graphpad Prism, Ethovision, Image J, etc.

Strategic Focus

  • Foster relationships among key outside organisations to create long-range opportunities for xxxxx.
  • Utilise my long-established network of professional relationships to seek information of strategic importance to xxx and contribute to key forums.
  • Clearly communicate xxxxs needs and strategic direction to the team.
  • Developed the strategic direction of xxx to connect the team to the strategy of xxxl from both a National and International perspective.

Problem Solving

  • I have strong analytical and critical thinking skills which support the identification of inconsistencies in data and determine the accuracy of subsequent results.  I work on technical problems and recommend solutions within the scope of available information.
  • I combine my analytical, computational and data analysis skills to identify data trends and deliver a “full-picture” of the research results inclusive of interpretation and visualization of complex linked-data.

Managing Resources

    • Ability to set and redefine priorities and reorganise research focus to increase the group’s response capacity to internal and external demands.  
  • Highly capable of evaluating the financial impact of decisions and develop strategies to address financial resource issues.
  • Agile and tolerant in response to challenges (of any nature) from both internal and external environments. 


  • Often explore creative solutions with others to overcome challenges and to develop partnerships.
  • Demonstrated capacity to negotiate and influence with ability to adapt depending on counterpart and context. Successfully lead negotiations with strong impact for xxx and xxx always focused on clear objectives.

References available upon request

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