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I am a client focused xxx IT Analyst with many years of experience working in the xxxx industry.  I was responsible for two major complex implementations in a xxx environment.  I possess excellent analytical skills whilst always focusing on solutions and support. I have extensive knowledge and experience of all aspects of the xxx business and xxx system.  I successfully managed the IT implementation of the xxxxx. I am fluent in xxxx with conversational xxxxx


Qualification University Year of graduation

Qualification University Year of graduation


Date Title Company & Location


Technical Expertise, Data Analysis and Systems

  • SAP, BPCS, PROGRESS on VMS, Multi-platform including ORACLE, C++, MS-Access , COBOL, SQL, DB2, FOCUS 5.5, dBaseII etc. (delete or add what applies)
  • Development Team Leader for a xxx in-house system. 
  • Extensive experience of systems integration with the ORACLE databases. 
  • Analyst/Programmer with extensive knowledge of PC Focus and RAMIS database. 
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Suite including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Endnote.

SAP IT Business Analyst Expertise

  • Worked with clients and colleagues to define business requirements.
  • Configured and validated results in a complex xxx environment.
  • Specified business role security access in accordance with xxx controls.
  • Managed master data take-on and implementation. 
  • Supported xxx users in Finance, Controlling, Planning, Purchasing, Warehousing (including SAP console), Quality, Manufacturing, Batch Release, Security access and xxx.
  • Site SAP Account Manager for xxxx with outsourced partner Infosys. 
  • Site xxx co-ordinator ensuring site compliance with xxx requirements and ensuring successful outcomes with HQ Audit. 
  • Focused on cost effective and cost efficient solutions for the company.

Project Management Skills 

  • Organised and planned the integration of a multi-platform xxx system at in xxx sites across xxx.  
  • Developed and successfully managed multiple projects simultaneously on a large contract and billing system for commercial and xxxx customers.
  • Accountable to clients with regular meetings and reporting to the stakeholders. 
  • Assisted clients to identify compulsory requirements as a result of de-regulation of the xxxx. 
  • Responsible for the specification, analysis, design, programming, testing and implementation of the order entry and routing system for a new xxxx factory using FOCUS 5.5 on an IBM XXX environment.  
  • Budget preparation and oversight (personnel, equipment, travel, consumables etc.) on projects.
  • Facilitate audits by external agencies and other parties (both internal and external).
  • Authorise items of expenditure and approve expenses on projects.
  • Question necessity, seek quotes and negotiate terms for items of expenditure.

Supervision and People Management 

  • Led several teams of up to XXX development staff and team leaders. 
  • Responsible for recruitment of contractors and staff and overall staff development and evaluation.
  • Responsible for diverse teams of professionals including managing the goals and career development of permanent staff and establishing responsible provision of services through third parties. 

Problem Solving

  • Use of expertise in computer science, programming and systems design to address project challenges in an innovative and creative way whilst keeping within budget and embracing the company ethos and culture.

Communication Skills  

  • Accountable to the client with regular meetings and reporting to the stakeholders.
  • Oral presentations of results at monthly project meetings with clients and in house collaborators.
  • Fostered trust and productive relationships with clients and in-house collaborating groups.
  • Writing of progress reports and dissemination of information to clients and groups.
  • Providing technical assistance to colleagues.

Professional Development 

  • List any technical courses you may have completed here

References available upon request

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