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Did you know that on average a recruiter in the private sector spends just 6 seconds to read your CV?

Did you know some companies use software to select CVs on keyword?

It is key that you catch the recruiter’s attention within the first seconds. Here are 3 tips to make your CV stand out of the crowd.

Tailor  your CV to the position in question: with many years of professional experience you may want to share all your experience acquired so far and as a result end up with a 15-page CV.  Overcome such a challenge! There is no such thing as a unique CV for all jobs you apply for.

Read the vacancy notice carefully, tailor your wording to the job and emphasise those experiences that are relevant to it! If you have been waiter at a restaurant, fine, but it’s probably not very helpful in designing superconducting magnets.  Recruiters at CERN don’t use software to search for key words, nevertheless their eyes unconsciously seek them out when they have to read over 200 CVs.

The sooner the recruiter identifies key words that relate to the job, the higher the probability you will make it through the first stage.

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